About Me

I have long been interested in information technology, and I have leveraged this throughout my radiology career to improve systems and provide better care for patients. In my personal life, I enjoy traveling and exploring the great outdoors.

Current Position

Medical University of South Carolina

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Pediatric Division July 2018 - present

Graduate Medical Education

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Pediatric Radiology Fellowship July 2017 - July 2018
Chief Fellow

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Diagnostic Radiology Residency July 2013 - June 2017
Chief Resident

The Christ Hospital

Internal Medicine Internship July 2012 - June 2013


West Virginia University School of Medicine

M.D. May 2012

Marshall University

B.S., Computer & Information Technology, Chemistry minor May 2008

Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, John Marshall Scholar


Use of MR Urography in Pediatric Patients

Morin CE, McBee MP, Trout AT, Reddy PP, Dillman JR

Current Urology Reports September 2018, Vol. 19, Issue 11, Article 93

Deep Learning in Radiology

McBee MP, Awan OA, Colucci AT, Ghobadi CW, Kadom N, Kansagra AP, Tridandapani S, Auffermann WF

Academic Radiology In Press.

A Comprehensive Approach to Convert a Radiology Department From Coding Based on International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, to Coding Based on International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision

McBee MP, Laor T, Pryor RM, Smith R, Hardin J, Ulland L, May S, Zhang B, Towbin AJ

Journal of the American College of Radiology February 2018, Vol. 15, Issue 2, Pages 301-309.

Image Sharing in Radiology- A Primer

Chatterjee AR, Stalcup S, Sharma A, Sato TS, Gupta P, Lee YZ, Malone C, McBee MP, Hotaling EL, Kansagra AP

Academic Radioliogy March 2017, Vol. 24, Issue 3, Pages 286–294.

Radiographic Analysis of Bone Tumors: A Systematic Approach

Mehta K, McBee MP, Mihal DC, England EB

Seminars in Roentgenology October 2017, Vol. 52, Issue 4, Pages 194–208.

Oral Presentations

Sarcopenia in Children with Malignancy as a Marker to Predict Outcomes

McBee MP, Woodhouse C, Trout A, Geller G, Smith E, Zhang B, Towbin AJ

European Society for Pediatric Radiology 2018 Berlin, Germany

Patient Portal System to Allow Patients to Ask Radiologists Questions Directly

McBee MP, Perry LA, Bick JL, Towbin AJ

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine 2018 National Harbor, MD

Leveraging Structured Reporting to Identify Unaccounted IVC Filters and Offer Complex Retrievals

McBee MP, Wenker Z, Pavlina A, Chadalavada S

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine 2017 Pittsburgh, PA

Deep Learning in Radiology. Radiology Research Alliance: Task Force Report.

McBee MP, Auffermann WF, Tridandapan S

Association of University Radiologists 2017 Hollywood, FL

Utilizing Structured Reporting to Increase the Number of Reports Correctly Coded in ICD-10

McBee MP, Ulland L, May S, Laor T, Towbin AJ

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine 2016 Portland, OR

Poster Presentations

Cystic and Cyst-Like Liver Lesions in Children

McBee MP, Towbin AJ, Dillman JR, Trout AT

Society for Pediatric Radiology 2017 Vancouver, BC

Use of FDG PET/CT to Predict Onset of Bleomycin Pulmonary Toxicity in Patients with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treated with ABVD

McBee MP, Mahoney B, Scheler JL, Malhotra A, Latif T.

Radiological Society of North America 2015 Chicago, IL

Comprehensive Approach to Convert a Radiology Department from ICD-9 based Coding to ICD-10-based Coding

Towbin A, Ulland L, Pryor RM, Fiehrer E, Hardin J, McBee MP, Alsip CN, May SH

Radiological Society of North America 2014 Chicago, IL

Prior Positions

Classroom Technology Specialist

West Virginia University School of Medicine August 2009 – June 2010

Electronically recorded lectures and resolved audio/visual and computer problems during class

Assistant Database Developer

Marshall University Research Corporation Summer 2007

Developed Microsoft SQL database for public school counselor web site

Web Developer

Marshall University Department of IT Administration Summer 2006

Developed and designed a website for the City of Huntington, WV (since redesigned)


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